The Allegany County Animal Shelter is asking the community to open their hearts to our shelter residents this holiday season. No one wants to be alone for the holidays and that includes the pets at our shelter. We are seeking holiday fosters.

Adoption and Foster Care for our shelter animals are our key programs. Without willing families and individuals in our community to adopt dogs and cats - and to provide foster care in varying ways, the Allegany County Shelter can't operate in a compassionate model that does not euthanize for space.


Our #1 goal as care providers is to make good matches with adopters. We take in animals of varying age, energy level, size and breed.  One size does not fit all, but the odds are good we have an animal right for most every home. Our success stories will make your heart grew several sizes!

Please visit our Adoptable Page for info on our currently adoptable pets and the adoption process.

We have programs that make free adoptions available to veterans and older citizens.  They be found on the Programs Page (link).



Foster care comes in all flavors, from short term stays, kitten raising to longer term enrichment relationship.  Since we have strongly seasonal census levels, fosters are huge resources needed to make our approach sustainable.

Fostering is every bit as important to us as adoption and a better fit for some animals lovers.  More info can be found at our Foster Page.



Even if you not able to bring a shelter pet into your home, there are literally dozens of ways to volunteer at our shelter and provide animal enrichment, exercise and care.  Learn more about this creative option at our Join The Team Page.